Sky, sea, colour

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At the start of this year I wanted to take a fresh look at things, to liberate the colour within my work.

These are some of the first paintings that have come from that impetus. I am always inspired by the colours around me, even on a rainy day they can be far more dynamic to the naked eye, than on any photograph that I try to take.

I wanted to make these colours dance on the canvas, the three paintings below are from my winter walks along the Cornish coast.

It is not about replicating the beauty of nature, but about trying to respond to it.

Sky and sea - 40cm x 40cm

Sky and sea – oil on canvas – 40cm x 40cm – £475

Currently exhibiting at The Harbour Gallery, Portscatho, Cornwall


From the cliff - 50cm x 50cm

From the cliff – oil on canvas – 50cm x 50cm – £595


Wave - 40cm x 40cm

Wave – oil on canvas – 40cm x 40cm – £475



New show at Fowey River Gallery

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I am very pleased to say that I have a new exhibition coming up at The Fowey River Gallery, Cornwall from 26th March – 9th April 2016

 I’ve had a wonderful time exploring and sketching some of the beautiful coastline around Fowey and then putting together this body of work, which features traditional sailing boats in and around the Fowey estuary, as well as local coves and beaches. 



On the Hall Walk - 40cm x 40cm

On the Hall Walk – 40cm x 40cm – oil on canvas – £475  SOLD

Readymoney - 50cm x 50cm

Readymoney – 50cm x 50cm – oil on canvas – £595  SOLD

Fleet and setting sun - 50cm x 100cm

Fleet and setting sun – 50cm x 100cm – oil on canvas – £985

Evening, Pilot Cutters - 70cm x 70cm1

Evening, Pilot Cutters – 70cm x 70cm – oil on canvas – £935  SOLD

The figure, and colour.

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Avocado suite - 12.5cm x 17.5cm

Avocado suite – 12.5cm x 17.5cm – oil on canvas board


Since the twentieth century there have been  numerous paintings inspired by the private devotions of bathers, this one is ‘after’ Pierre Bonnard. You can’t contemplate in a shower, but you can in a bath, and I like the idea of someone doing just that, despite surroundings, despite the luminous bathroom suite.

For more images, click on ‘The figure’


Red flower I - 12.5cm x 17.5cm

Red flower I – 12.5cm x 17.5cm – oil on canvas board


This is an impasto work, with more emphasis on colour and texture, rather than form, and so the picture takes on an abstract feel. For this I made my own encaustic paint, mixing dry pigments with a paste made of melted beeswax and turpentine. Tube oil paints are something I could never do without, but being part of the whole process, from colour, to paint, to painting, is really satisfying. And also long-winded, no wonder artists took on assistants.

For more images, click on ‘interior and space’

On the beach

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Couple - (Rosevine) - 30cm x 30cm

‘Couple’ – Rosevine – 30cm x 30cm – oil on canvas

I love time on the beach in Cornwall, Spring, summer, winter – sunny day or stormy, it’s always a place to inspire.

The sand tells stories of where people have walked, where children have played, and dogs have swam. These two paintings are from sketches made on the Roseland, at the beautifully named beach of Rosevine. They remind me of how I spent a lovely stolen couple of hours.

On the beach - Rosevine - 30cm x 30cm

‘On the beach’ – Rosevine – 30cm x 30cm – oil on canvas

New work

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Bella vista - 50cm x 50cm


‘Bella Vista’ – oil on canvas – 50cm x 50cm

I had fun with this painting. The view is inspired from one on St Martins, Isles of Scilly, where the yellow gorse contrasted so vibrantly with the sea on a sunny day in May.

Bird on a wire - 20cm x 20cm

‘Bird on a wire’ – oil on canvas – 20cm x 20cm

Again, there is the contrast of colour, the green bird versus the blue of the sky. Almost the background can be taken out of context here, because it is just colour. The wire takes on more significance than it normally would, scratched deep into the paint.

Currently for sale on – original and prints

Broken wing - 20cm x 20cm

‘Broken wing’ – oil on canvas – 20cm x 20cm

I found a butterfly wing on the ground and just wanted to capture the colour and delicacy of it that I brought it back into the studio. A gust of wind caught it – aptly – and it broke in two, now even more reason to paint it I thought. Against the green of my table it makes for quite a contrast, and depicts more-so than before the delicacy and transience of life.

Currently for sale on – original and prints












Interior spaces

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Peeling apples - 60cm x 60cm

Peeling apples   oil on canvas – 60cm x 60cm – SOLD

I have a vivid memory from my childhood of my mother peeling apples, trying to slice the peel off all in one go without breaking it. A simple and enjoyable task, and one that was fascinating to me. In the painting there is also the cautionary legacy of childhood, don’t play with grown-up things. Don’t touch the sharp knife. Here the child is intrigued with everything on the table. The apples, the peel, the sharp knife.

Orange peel - 60cm x 80cm

Orange peel   oil on canvas – 60cm x 80cm

For this I was specifically thinking about time and space – literally. The oranges show various states of undress and position. I wanted to bring some tension into the work, the table is in the corner of the room, with shadow just touching the top left corner of the table.

Currently on sale at The Harbour gallery – Portscatho

The spare room - 44.5cm x 45.5cm

The spare room   oil on canvas – 46cm x 44.5cm

I enjoyed making this work, I have always liked the fact that the imagination can make a place magical, can bring the sublime from out of the mundane. The work speaks of departure – either on an adventure to a magical land – The Lion the Witch and the wardrobe, being one of my favourite stories as a child – or just for a change of clothes, to put on a new ‘skin’ to go out. Either way, there are two halves to this painting, the empty space of the room and the solid presence of the wardrobe – the before and the after. The shoes ‘stand out’ from the picture surface of emptiness and solidity, these introduce possibility.

Currently on sale at – original and prints

Still life – a contemporary view

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Apples in the washbowl   oil on canvas – 50cm x 50cm

‘Still Life’ as a discipline can be a fascinating subject. Life however, is never still, it moves on determinedly all the time from life to death, death being another element in the passage of time. A moment can be captured in a photograph or a painting, however, that object itself will wither and degrade, and whatever the object, time is patient. In fact that very painting or photograph will then wither and degrade. Taken literally, there is no such thing in terms of representation as ‘still life’ – I prefer to think of it as a ‘glimpse of life’, a moment in time. For me it is more dynamic than just ‘an arrangement of inanimate objects’, for me it tells of the inevitable story of things moving from one state to another.

So, apples in the washbowl – the bright fresh fruits, promising much, and full of energy.

Life is transient, and the pips in the bottom right corner show that the apples will soon be consumed. On the other hand, one tries to keep things for the future, the moth which has alighted on one of the apples, signifies that sometimes things fail. Apples may moulder in their box, moths may come in and destroy. A rather symbolic work under the surface, a picture which imparts a message, not just an image. Messages of course can be interpreted in many different ways. Ultimately, time is the topic here, not apples. You could view it negatively – time is immoveable, unchangeable, it is fruitless to try to arrest the action of things moving from one state to another, living, ageing and dying. You could view it positively – if time did not move relentlessly on, there would be no impetus to live life fully, with all the time in the world there may be nothing to rouse one to activity and to enjoy. Carpe diem. Sieze the day.

To see a wider range of ‘Still Life’ paintings, click here


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